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Keep Your Greenhouse Warm in Winter

1 November 2010

Now that November is here and the leaves are starting to brown, the trees are bare and your greenhouse plants are struggling to survive, you can give your plants a boost by ensuring efficient use of your greenhouse in winter. Here's our seven top tips for keeping your greenhouse warm during autumn and winter.

Keep Your Greenhouse Warm in Winter
  1. Ensure that your greenhouse is located in the warmest area of your garden. This means that it should sit in the sun for as long as possible during the day, but also be protected from wind by placing it adjacent to other structures or fencing. Make use of any "suntraps" in your garden, specifically any corners where walls reflect the suns rays thus creating a "warm zone".

  2. Preserve the warm air in your greenhouse by ensuring that doors, windows, vents and louvres are kept closed. Leaving them open just a few degrees can rapidly cool down your greenhouse, wasting away the warmth already present.

  3. Prevent heat loss from your greenhouse by weatherstripping doors and vents using "T Gasket" strips. These rubber seals help to form an air-tight barrier around the greenhouse's doors and vents, preventing the warm air inside your greenhouse from escaping. If you are unable to source any rubber T gaskets then you could substitute gaffer tape or duct tape for a similar, if less effective solution.

  4. A great little tip is to use water barrels as a kind of hot water bottle to keep your greenhouse warm during winter. If you have any black barrels or old dustbins handy, fill them with water and leave them in the sun during the day, allowing the sun's rays to gently warm the water through. In the evening you can move these barrels into the greenhouse where they will radiate the heat into your greenhouse. It is important that the barrels used are black in colour to help aid heat absorbtion.

  5. Improving the thermal storage of your greenhouse will radically improve the warm temperature of the greenhouse. Ensure you fill the greenhouse to capacity to help keep the temperature constant. Fill empty spaces with jam jars or bottles filled with water or extra plants. If you have a large area of space and nothing to fill it with, you could consider isolating the space by putting up a temporary wall until spring.

  6. Insulating walls can hugely benefit your greenhouse plants. The north side of the greenhouse particularly will lose heat if left due to solar movements. Insulating at least the north wall of the greenhouse will help maintain a steady temperature within. Foil is a low cost method of insulating walls.

  7. A final useful, if a little strange tip for keeping your greenhouse warm during winter is to make use of your tumble dryer hose. If your greenhouse is next to your house and you have a tumble dryer, you could heat the greenhouse gently through the aid of your tumble dryer's output. This recycles the warm air emitted and reduces your greenhouse heating costs!

If all of the above are still leaving your greenhouse chillier than you would like, you could consider investing in a new greenhouse. View our greenhouse products: Polycarbonate Greenhouses, the Lean-to Greenhouse and the Wooden Greenhouses.

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